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Pallet Rack- The Most Popular And Economical Rack Storage System

Pallet Rack, also known as heavy duty rack, widely used, is today’s most popular warehouse rack. Drive-in rack, push back rack, VNA (very narrow aisle) and so on are also based on pallet rack. Why are pallet racks so popular?

Structure Features

1. Column is made of high quality cold-rolled steel

    2. The surface is pickled and evenly sprayed with powder

3. The connection between column and beam adopts wedge type, with safety pin to ensure safety

4. A variety of accessories: upright protector, guide rail, frame guardrail, row spacer, steel panel, steel frame, etc


1. Stable structure, large loading capacity, convenient sorting

    2. Applied to most types of handling equipment and building structures

3. Protect the goods from damage

    4. The bottom tray can be stored on the floor to reduce the cost

    5. Provide a wide range of options and components to meet special needs

6. Maximize space utilization while maintaining optimal product accessibility in any warehouse configuration

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    We offer Three Standard Pallet Racks(teardrop pallet rack pitch 50.8mm/EU pallet rack pitch 50mm/ AU pallet rack  pitch 76.2mm)

    as well as Customized Design . so we need following information:

    Weight of goods/Dimension of pallet and warehouse Storage areas/ Type and parameter of forklift/Storage quantity and requirement/ Special requirements