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LIJIN’s Teardrop Pallet Rack

Unique Design, Superior Value

Ease of assembly and rack adjustability are the design advantages that boltless Teardrop Pallet Rack Systems offer. 100% selective Teardrop pallet rack systems allow access to every pallet. This storage rack design is economical, efficient and adaptable in application, due to quick assembly and adjustment without tools, and an affordable purchase price.

Industry Compatible Tear Drop Style Pallet Rack

LIJIN’s Teardrop beam-to-column connection is designed to be compatible with other widely available Teardrop pallet rack systems and also can work side-by-side with slotted and structural pallet rack designs. Heavier bracing and better impact resistance are reasons to step up to LIJIN rack reliability when expanding your current pallet rack system.

A center reinforcing rib is unique to LIJIN’s Teardrop pallet rack configurations, providing heavier bracing for added strength and rigidity, and larger columns for better impact resistance. Frames are available in any height or depth and numerous column configurations providing great flexibility in pallet rack system design.

TEARDROP FRAMES easy assembly

Teardrop systems offer easy assembly with 2″ vertical beam adjustments. No tools are required. The teardrop beam-to-column connection is designed to be compatible with other widely available teardrop systems.

Applications include the following:
Aluminum sheets, furniture, lumber, Masonite sheets, building material, variable sized materials, wood crates, carpet and vinyl rolls, appliances, bar stock, flake board, large pallets and boxes, doors, tubing, electrical harness, sheet steel, bars, drywall, and piping.

TEARDROP BEAMS easy assembly

Interchangeable teardrop beams, as with slotted beams, are available in many profiles, in virtually any length, with capacities to 18,000 lbs. per pair. You can tie into many existing systems both old and new. Beams have a safety factor of 1.67 based on minimum yield of steel. All beam capacities are calculated based on the requirements of the current RMI specification.

Our teardrop pallet system provides a robust, patented, automatic safety pin for improved safety.

All capacities are based on uniformly distributed loads on a pair of beams. Other loading conditions can greatly reduce the carrying capacity of a beam. For unusual loading requirements, welcome to contact me!