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How To Design The Aisle Width Of Warehouse Pallet Racks ?

The warehouse pallet racks’aisle is the passageway between racks. It is the space reserved for people or forklifts and other mechanical equipment to operate. Pallet rack is the main product of our company and many other companies. How to appropriately design the aisle of the warehouse pallet racks, and what is the basis?

There have been such cases in other rack factories. As a result of inaccurate data, the aisle width of the warehouse pallet racks was too narrow, the forklift could not well turn while loading and unloading the goods in the aisle. Finally, the warehouse pallet racks could only be removed and installed again according to the right data.

Our design must ensure the width of the warehouse pallet racks’aisle is sufficient, and at the same time, no space is wasted. What kind of forklift is used (reach forklift or three-way forklift ect.), what is the turning radius of the forklift, these are key factors for designingthe width of the aisle of the warehouse pallet racks.

Generally speaking, for warehouse pallet racks using forklifts, the aisle width should be kept at about 2.4 to 3.0 meters. Its calculation formula is B =Forklift turning radius + front overhang + fork length + safety clearance,B is the minimum width of the aisle, usually the Min safety clearance is 200mm.

Following the above formula will ensure the maximum utilization of space and the reasonable width of the aisle.