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In general, loading capacity of mezzanine is 300kg-1000kg/m² and 2-3 levels. It is widely used in the case of high storeroom, small goods, artificial access and large storage. More particularly applicable to auto parts, electronics, light industry, clothing, and other enterprises of the products classified preservation.

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Upright&Main Beam Connect

Both of them are H-steel,Its loading capacity is high and span is long.

The major beams are connected by connector piece in each side. It will make the beams moare stable.

Support Beam&Main Beam Connect

They are connected with the hanging piece.And the hanging piece is welded on the main beam.So the majorbeam is more stable.

Steel Panel&Guardrail Connect

Steel panel and support beamare connected with hooks.It is very stable.

The guardrail hangs on the main beam without holes on the beam. So there is no bad influence on the beam.

Cooperation case

Custom Design & Engineering

Our expert engineers will partner with your team to design a custom work platform solution that maximizes productivity with future scalability.

Consultation & Systems Integration

Our system integrators combine best-in-class material handling equipment and technology for turnkey solutions that increase productivity and reduce costs.

Qualified & Professional Installation

We provide and install integrated mezzanine and work platform solutions nationwide and our network of professional installers are vetted, licensed and safety certified.

Project Management & Budgeting

Once we discover your needs, we deliver full project management services including local permitting. We deliver solutions on time and within your budget.

Our Factory

LIJINRACK is located in Dongguan, a beautiful city in China (near to Shenzhen and Guangzhou). The factory covers an area of 23,000 square meters. It is a global supplier of heavy, medium and light racking equipment and related accessories. LIJINRACK creates more added value for global customers. We specialize in the design and manufacture of logistics enterprises, large cargo enterprises, small fast-moving goods and cold storage warehouse solutions, especially warehouse projects that are complex to our competitors. LIJINRACK has 180 employees, including about 60 people in marketing, purchasing, technology, production, sales, logistics and management teams, with an annual output value of more than 15,000 tons.